Motus Aeterna Music is a company founded by Euripides in 2021. Its mission is to ensure the efficient delivery of his artistic output to a large audience. “Motus Aeterna” means “Eternal Movement” and it symbolizes the constant strive for artistic growth.

Under the umbrella of Motus Aeterna Music, Euripides works with a vast network of people in the music business thus becoming efficient in undertaking and completing projects, related to his compositional activity, from initial conception to delivery of the final result.


Euripides, through Motus Aeterna Music is all about providing:

1) Genre bending and adventurous original concert music in alignment with his vision and artistic concept addressed to a wide audience. Due to the personal and ever changing nature of the music, various ensembles are formed in order to deliver it to the audience. Euripides is active in the modern jazz as well as the contemporary classical music fields.

2) Intricate arrangements: Besides original music, Euripides creates arrangements with a personal touch for various ensembles with the utmost respect towards the artist’s purpose and vision.

3) Music designed for image and/or other interdisciplinary projects (synch deals, music for games and theater).

4) Engraving and music preparation services. As an active composer himself who makes his own scores and parts, Euripides has the experience to provide efficient and performer friendly engraving services informed by his own experience in the field.


For any request related to the aforementioned services send an email to: