Euripides is active in the wide and ever-expanding field of contemporary jazz. Being heavily influenced from the third stream movement, he infuses structural elements and compositional techniques  from contemporary classical music into his groove and improvisation related compositions always striving to serve their underlying artistic concept.

Aegean Suite

“Aegean Suite” is an album released by Euripides Dionysiadis in June 2022 featuring a large ensemble of prominent jazz and classical musicians from Athens and Rotterdam. The album stylistically moves in the space between contemporary jazz and modern classical music with the various genre influences serving the narrative and the artistic concept.



Listen to the first track “Earth and Water” here:


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How To’s and What If’s

A suite for piano and soprano saxophone.


Recorded live in Rotterdam (2021)

Cosimo Gentili – Soprano Saxophone

Yiorgos Bereris – Piano

Recorded and mixed by Sjors Segaar

Listen here: